Apple TV Basic in troubleshooting

Dan Caswell

Dan Caswell

Product Manager

Published January 07, 2021

This document provides quick and simple troubleshooting to help customers 


Compatibility Matrix

A list of tested TVs is available here

It is important to note the firmware version that has been tested, as there can be huge compatibility differences between different firmware versions.

If the TV models that are planned to be used are listed in this document, are marked as fully compatible, match firmware version and are coloured green, no further action is needed.

If there is a difference in firmware version, the options are:

  1. Up/downgrade the firmware to match the tested version where possible.
  2. Treat the TV as an unknown model and follow the Testing process covered below.

If the TV is listed but is orange, please raise this with your account manager or technical contact as there are potential issues that will need to be considered. These are typically covered in the notes column.

Blue indicates CEC does not work correctly with this model. We may be able to still provide the solution but we will need to use a fully IR remote. Please read the IR only section below for further details.

If the TV is listed and coloured red, there are fundamental compatibility issues between the TV and Apple TV and we will not be able to use the TV with our solution.

Testing Process

A form is available here and is accessible to everyone with no need to login. the form details all requirements and steps for testing. 

Please fill out the form and submit, a ROOMNET engineer will be notified, you will be contacted once the responded have been reviewed.

Solutions for TVs that are not CEC compatible

There may be a scenario, where the TV does not cause any issues with an Apple TV, but, CEC does not work correctly. This may be due to the TV being an older model such as with Samsung TVs that run their older Orsay software.

In this scenario, as we are not able to rely on the TV sending commands to the TV the only alternative is to have the ROOMNET remote directly control the Apple TV. 

However, for this to be reliable, the remote control needs line of sight to the Apple TV to be able to reliably control it. This would typically mean putting the Apple TV in a location where it is clearly visible. The Apple TV can still be placed in a security bracket, but as this will be visible, it must be discussed with the customer.

The Apple TV should not be placed in view with no security device, as this will greatly increase the risk of theft. Regardless of the customer beliefs of their clientele.

It may also be possible to use IR passthrough devices, but this is dependant on many factors and will need to be discussed and investigated to assess viability.