Apple TV Demo Equipment

Dan Caswell

Dan Caswell

Product Manager

Published August 05, 2020

Demo Apple TVs are for the use of all staff and partners to demonstrate the Apple TV platform and the great ROOMNET apps guests can experience. 

Setup Scenarios

  • ROOMNET Staff Devices
    • Will be pre-installed with Internal and VPP apps user is free to order these as required including additional apps from the app store.
  • Customer Loans / Partners
    • Will be pre-installed with Internal and VPP apps. The layout is locked, however app store apps can be installed but will appear at the bottom of the app list.
  • Bespoke configuration
    • Dependant on the agreement a fully bespoke setup can be arranged, this will typically be used for special cases such as trade shows or large scale prospects. We will typically not do this for partner devices and this will require senior management approval to proceed. 


Apps installed to the demo devices will be consistent with a core collection of apps and where possible, popular apps in the region.

Internal applications will be updated as they are cleared for release. Updating of these applications is automatic and should happen within 30 minutes of an AppleTV being connected to a network.

Pre-installed apps should provide a good example of popular apps, this is a constantly changing list and will be review approximately once a quarter. However, trends can change quickly and feedback is always welcome if you would like an app to be considered for addition or removal please raise this during the development catchup calls.

The core configuration is used for all demo Apple TVs it is split into two areas. The Enterprise configuration and the VPP configuration. Enterprise configuration contains the latest versions of the internal ROOMNET and Hudini apps, all apps should load complete demo content.

Current Included Apps:

Live TV – configured to load the ROOMNET demo channel list

Hudini demo (When content is completed)


Cleardown – This will not wipe the device, allowing for a full demo without having to rebuild the Apple TV

The Third app row is designated for regional apps, these are apps relevant to the locale the device will be used in for a demonstration. The types of apps used will typically be catchup servcies.

Five applications should be used.

There may be challenges in acquiring apps that are region locked, as we will need a VPP account that is registered in a region able to access the region-locked apps. This can typically be overcome by working with a local partner and linking their VPP account to our MDM.

If it is not possible to access the required apps this row can be omitted or apps for a different region can be used, please consider if the apps will work in the region if doing this.

Apps that require the Siri remote or additional peripheral such as games will not be added to the demo content. This is primarily due to the Siri remote not being available for guest rooms. 

Request Process

PLEASE NOTE: Apple TVs will not be released without a completed signed loan form
*If a demo device is required please send a request to*

Provide the following:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Customer location
  3. Length of loan

Please also issue a loan form and add the completed for to the support ticket. No demo equipment will be issued without this form being provided.

When the request is received, the stock will be checked. If we do not have any Apple TVs in stock they will need to be ordered in, this may extend the turnaround time. You will be informed if this is the case.

Your ticket will be responded to within one working day. Excluding procurement issues, it will take no longer than one week to ship a demo device

Techincal steps


  • DEP enrolled Apple TV(s)
  • DEP account used is linked to ROOMNET MDM


  • Apple TV enrolled to DEP
  • Apple TV Enrolled to ROOMNET MDM
  • Apple TV Assigned to correct demo device group on MDM
  • Device added to Glyde (Required if using specific 
  • Serial number logged
  • Loan form issued and returned signed.
  • Loan form sent to to be logged

Adding Devices to Configuration
Device groups have been created for common regions, if an additional region is required, please ask.

The Device Group Hierarchy is:

  2. DEMO
  3. DEMO-REGION Intended for ROOMNET staff devcies
  4. DEMO-REGION-EXTERNAL Intended for non ROOOMNET staff

Demo ATVs should be assigned to the correct regional group and if being issued to people or organizations outside of ROOMNET they should be assigned to the EXTERNAL version of the region to ensure consistent layout management.

Checks Before Shipping

  • Wipe the ATV and check all demo apps are installed.
  • Pair Siri remote (if in use) and check battery level
  • LIVE TV app should load the Generic live TV demo and play demo channel content
  • Hudini App should load demo content and display a room number and guest name
  • HAL app should load and play demo content.