Apple TV Setup Flow

Brady Fisher

Brady Fisher

Sales Manager

Apple TV Setup

Published May 12, 2020

The setup of our Apple TV product is very important and comprised of several different components and steps. Completing each of these steps is critical to our Apple TV solution working seamlessly, and allows us to have full control, customization, and management of the devices on the network. Please note that some of these steps must be completed entirely before proceeding to the following steps.



Setup Process

Apple TV and Mac Mini procurement; enroll all devices to Apple Business Manager (either to ROOMNET/ partner/ customer’s ABM account)

  • Assign Apple TVs and Mac Mini to ROOMNET’s Mosyle MDM platform
  • If any apps relying on VPP need to be installed, then follow these steps:
    • Log into ABM
    • Navigate to Settings> Apps and Books> My Server Tokens> Download Token
    • Send token/s to ROOMNET
  • ROOMNET to build configuration of the new location on the MDM platform
  • ROOMNET to assign devices to the new location within the MDM platform
  • Apple TV pre-install staging process:
    • Connect Apple TV to the TV via HDMI, wired, network, and then power
    • When the Apple TV powers on you will be asked to pair the remote, DO NOT DO THIS. After about 30 seconds the Apple TV will register with ROOMNET’s MDM and automatically configure itself
    • Once at the main menu navigate to Settings> System> Software Updates> Update Software> Update
    • Once update has completed and the Apple TV has restarted, rename the Apple TV to a room from the room list provided by going to Settings> General> About> Name
    • Record Apple TV serial numbers on a spreadsheet next to the room numbers
    • Pack Apple TVs back into boxes, marking each one with its room number to make it easier for the installation team to identify the correct Apple TV for each room
  • Building the Mac Mini caching server:
    • Ensure Mac Mini’s serial number has been given to ROOMNET
    • The Mac Mini should have been assigned a static IP address which is also the primary DNS on the network
    • ROOMNET will remotely connect to the Mac Mini in order to configure it
  • After this ROOMNET will collect the UDIDs and complete the backend work

Please note: for Apple TVs to automatically clear data on checkout or daily wipe the Mac Mini caching server steps must be completed.

Mac Mini caching server setup can only be completed once ALL Apple TVs have been enrolled in the MDM. Because of this its recommended ALL Apple TVs are enrolled in MDM and assigned a room prior to physical installs.