Apple TV Web Demo Setup

James Coonan

James Coonan

Sales Manager

Published January 15, 2021

When setting up for an online demonstration of our Apple TV product, there are a couple of things you’ll want to get ready before you begin. We recommend using a Mac computer that is on the same wired connection as your Apple TV. Also, be sure that both devices are updated to the most recent version of OS. Ensure that your Apple TV is running the latest versions of RN TV Player, RN ClearDown, and HUDINI Apps.

Setting Up
1. Open the QuickTime Player App on your machine. It’s hiding away in the Other folder.

2. Ignore the Finder window that appears. Instead click File > New Movie Recording
3. From the drop down menu, locate your Apple TV in the Camera menu, mine’s called ‘ROOMNET TV’ in this example. Leave the Microphone set as your laptop. Depending on your internet speeds, select either High or Maximum from the Quality section.

4. You’ll now see your Apple TV’s screen mirrored to your Mac’s screen.
5. Open your Browser to join your Google Meet demo, and hit ‘Present now’

6. Select the Quick Time Player window to make it the main focus. Click the ‘Full Screen’ (green) icon in the top left to cover your Desktop with your Apple TV screen. Hit this icon again if you need to return to the initial view.
7. You’re all set, go forth and dazzle your guest with the endless benefits Apple TV offers!