Benefits of having a custom SSID and a custom code

Published April 10, 2020

When having a hotel conference or meeting, often the first question to come up is, “How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?”

For a company, this is a very big question internally and externally. As the boss of the company you then start to ask different questions, “How can you separate your departments with different networks? And with this separation, how can I have them share within that network?”

In this Article I will answer these questions and explain the benefits of having a custom SSID for the company and customer. I will explain by giving you examples with Ruckus and our own personal code software that work perfectly together.




Example of multiple SSID’s within a company

Example with Ruckus Zone director and multiple SSID’s 

Application Settings

For Ruckus Zone director version 

In the dashboard, you can see your location and how your site is doing in different graphs. With those graphs, it will show you how many AP’s you have, who’s logging into your custom SSID’s, how many clients have signed in, and how much bandwidth they are using.

Access Points 
On this section, you are able to look up a specific Access Point you want to see regardless of where it is located on the property. You will be able to look it up and configure it or add polices to a certain Access Point. You can also create custom groups that allow you to create zones within your network that cater to specific needs of your guests.

Range of the Wi-Fi                                                                                                                                                     
 This setting allows you to control the range and coverage of the Wi-Fi for certain guests. Depending on what is needed, you can change from 2.4GHz to 5 GHz to accomodate guest needs.

Wireless LAN’s 
With this section, you are given more options to customize your custom SSID and its policies. Say you made three different SSID’s (networks), you can change all three to have different policies which we call VLAN’s, and each VLAN has certain policies. You can now choose who will be in what section, along with which SSID they should be on, and you can also hide a certain SSID for any purpose. This could be for your CEO, or for a device that processes money and you want no one on that network but the machine.

Once you have a client on the network, you are able to control their access and set time limits for them.

You have three different options to find out what’s going on. You have an option for client connectivity, one for network connectivity, and one for diagnostics to see the problem.

Service and Profile
To customize your services, you can add plugins to the system to make things easier. For example, one software that everyone uses is Bonjour which has services such as AirPlay and AirPrint to work across multiple networks while preventing unnecessary multicast traffic. You can also create multiple profiles for different companies that are on the network and allow them access to certain parts of the Wireless Controller.

System settings allow you to customize your W.C. You can have it send updates or error emails when AP’s go down and create alarms to alert you when someone gets on the system.

This section will give you full access to your W.C. (Ruckus switch). You are able to upload your license for your Access Points and have your certificate for your W.C. to make it live. You can also restart the whole W.C. for updates or for any reason and there is a section for support with Ruckus.

Codes and their use in a business setting

How we can use a code to our advantage


ROOMNET and Clients Dashboard
The ROOMNET dashboard is very user friendly and will allow you to create codes for future events. These codes are great to give out for internal meetings, or for partners that need a one-time use.

Creating an Access Code
Once you chose what category they are, you can now create their Access Code. These are fully customizable and allow you to use a similar code to the customers office to allow them easier access.

You can control how much bandwidth each device gets from 2mbps – 20mbps. In special cases where someone might need more bandwidth, we can allocate up to 100mbps or more.

How long is their stay
Depending on how long a guest is staying, you can create the code to last as long as they are on the property.

How many people can use the code
In some meetings you have certain people you want using the Wi-Fi and some you don’t. When creating the code you can choose which people can get onto the Wi-Fi, and you can also track who used the Wi-Fi using a particular code.