Caching Server Sales

Primary Use

The Apple caching server primarily solves Apple rate-limiting and general internet and or network bandwidth issues. Apple will rate limit and stop downloads for an unspecified amount of time when too many devices in too short of a time download apps, updates, or just about anything which can and usually cause Apple TVs to fail their wipe process because of this.

Secondly, each Apple TV routinely will download approximately 250MB on each wipe which can easily bring us into gigabytes worth of data throughout the week and sometimes in a day traversing the internet connection using in excess of 60GB a month or more possibly impacting the guest internet experience at sites with slower internet speeds. Some ISPs may even slow down the internet or charge more for excessive usage.

In addition to the already great features, we achieve with the Apple caching portion alone we run a separate web server within the mac mini that further caches enterprise apps such as the Live TV app and more. It also caches frequently downloaded assets the enterprise’s apps use which may include channel logos etc. We now monitor the Apple caching service, internal web server, the sync process, and DNS reporting to PRTG.