ClearDown App

Daniel Caswell

Daniel Caswell

Product Manager

Published May 06, 2020

When a guest room is checked out, all Apple TVs in the room will be reset and configured ready for the next guest. This process removes all login information, data, and additional apps the guest may have added to the Apple TV during their stay.
However, some security-conscious guests may want to be able to do this before leaving the room and confirm that all of their data has been removed.

The Cleardown App provides the user with a simple way to initiate this cleardown, explaining the process clearly and also giving the guest a chance to change their mind if they are just exploring.


Requirements and Considerations


Currently, the App is provided “as is” and does not have any capacity for customization.

When the App is run it identifies itself to the ROOMNET CMS via UDID, adding this information is part of our standard setup process.



It is recommended the app is placed on the top menu bar in the Apple TV main menu, in the right most position. This ensures it is visibile to users but not near the main apps and possibly selected by accident.