ROOMNET Remote Programming

Daniel Caswell

Daniel Caswell

Product Manager

The ROOMNET Custom remote is able to control a wide range of TVs. However, there are some slight differences in operation depending on the TV brand.

The first step should be to always check the compatibility matrix

Ensuring the TV used had been tested and is compatible with the Apple TV Solution. If it has not please follow the instructions on the compatibility page to test. Please also read through the considerations. on the same page.

Programming Instructions.

To Switch between the primary modes please hold the following key combinations for 3 seconds, the LED will flash three times to confirm the mode has changed. At any time the remote can be reset by holding source and Apple TV

Samsung CEC: Volume – and UP

LG CEC: Volume – and Left

Phillips CEC Volume – and Down

Samsung IR: Volume – and Right

LG IR: Volume – and Back

Phillips IR: Volume – and Mute


If the TV is a different manufacturer you will need to use the brand scan function.

Hold Back and source for three seconds, the LED will show solid RED

With the remote pointed at the TV press the Volume + button repeatedly until the TV reacts. The LED will blink on each press.

Press the OK/Select button to lock the code

Test the volume controls and power button work to confirm the correct codes are being used.

Each remote will need to be individually set, but the number of presses required will always be the same, meaning once the number of presses is known you can quickly press volume + the required amount of times, lock in the code, and then verify.