Handling Sales Calls and On site Sales

Jose Gio Duarte

Jose Gio Duarte

Events Manager Coordinator


Published August 05, 2020

Sales calls are something you will face constantly at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach. You may even have to talk to more than 5 clients at one time.

Each client might have multiple requests that you will have to complete in a timely and efficient manner. With these requests you will have to plan accordingly with the time slots provided for each client to make sure the foremost  group is your priority. Clients hold groups that can take place anywhere from early morning to late evening.

If you fail to properly prioritize your time and plan which tasks need to be completed first, clients may get displeased with their service and not desire to pay for their expenses. All of this may sound daunting, but you will have help and support.  Delegating tasks to your team can help make sure that each client’s needs are met in a timely manner while also providing a less stressful workload on each team member to allow more time for personalized customer service.

This will also help if you ever have an off day which we all go through, but if we can bounce back we will help our clients fulfill their dream event that they have spent a lot of time and resources on. We have a common goal with our clients to put together the best event possible. Our priority is to make sure our clients are happy with our product and services and that they have confidence in us to help them.


Creating Sales with Clients Digitally

At the Hyatt you will deal with calls or emails from our clients reaching out to you for: prices, how many access codes the client may need, WiFi covering the entire meeting space, and the speed of the mbps.


Clients will of course ask how much you charge for internet.  You will have groups that will understand the price sheet and some that you will have to go in more in depth detail with. You may also have to deal with clients haggling prices; providing small discounts can make the client feel special and appreciated. Making the client comfortable with the price for their event while also not decreasing too much value of your service will make the entire process go more smoothly. 


How many Access Codes does a Client Need

 Most clients will let you know how many people will be attending, but they often won’t think about how many devices will be used.  Some assume that one person will get 3 different access codes, which is not the case.  When explaining the process make clear they know the codes are per device. You will then explain that one person might need to use three different devices such as their phone, laptop, or tablet. You will then make a proposal with a number of devices they have agreed upon. Clients will sometimes get annoyed because they want one access code for all devices; comfort them with the fact that each device will have their own dedicated signal which will be a stronger and more efficient connection. They can also make a special request for one person to have a stronger signal.  

Does the WiFi Cover the entire Meeting Space

 Their next question will be about paying per room. One plan we have is entire meeting space internet for clients with a Large Scale Plan.  Other plans available are our Standard Access Plan, Basic Access Plan, or Board Room Package; each will limit them to certain rooms and mbps. As you let them know that, make sure to let them know that only agreed upon rooms in their plan will be live with their Network name. If the client has rented multiple rooms, but not multiple plans, they will not see a Network in the rooms without a plan. The Mbps at the Hyatt are very fast and reliable. Our systems can even handle a whole Gig. Our mbps can match our wall speed, and we can also distribute the mbps to certain people. So you can have one person having 40 up and 40 down to another person having 20 up and 20 down. An example is you that you can stream Netflix, Hulu, and, YouTube at the same time.


How fast are the Mbps

The Mbps at the Hyatt are very fast and reliable. Our systems can even handle a whole Gig. Our mbps can match our wall speed, and we can also distribute the mbps to certain people. So you can have one person having 40 up and 40 down to another person having 20 up and 20 down. An example is you that you can stream Netflix, Hulu, and, YouTube at the same time.

On-Site Client Sales

Dealing with onsite clients is one of the most important things you will have to do at the Hyatt. You may have clients that you primarily communicate with over the phone and email before setting up an event, so when you meet them in person for the first time make sure you leave a good impression. Make sure that clients know it’s you who they have been talking to the past few months. It is important to take time to meet with or check in on your clients. The Hyatt staff sometimes have Pre Cons  where you can meet your future client and go over the whole event.

Look at your Notes before talking to a Client

Before you meet with your client, make sure to prepare yourself for possible questions they will ask and prepare answers for those scenarios. At the point when they have settled on what they want, you will note the important details and finalize a plan that you will then implement.

The reason why it’s important to write your own notes is because you will have clients that won’t speak our lingo. With that being said, you will still have to be very understanding and listen to what they are trying to say when explaining something to you. They will also bring up points from past emails they have shared with you which you have hopefully written in your notes. You are there to help them understand what you’re doing for them and how you’re going to help them with their event.

Showing Clients their Coutom SSID and Access Code

The first question you will get from your client is, “How do I get on to my network?” You have to remember not everyone is tech savvy, so this is where you will shine by showing them how to get on. A lot of groups return for future events so if you can show them how to do it, next time they come back they will know the procedures.

You will then try to explain to how to get onto the Network.

  1. Select the Network ASSIGNED to your GROUP.
  2. After selecting the WiFi for your group, you will be redirected.
  3. A Splash Page will appear, asking for an Access Code.
  4. Put in the Access Code and also check off the mini box under it.
  5. After you put in the Code and check the box, you press continue.
  6. You will have a message saying you are connected to the internet.

After you explain they will then start to distribute amongst their team the Network and Access code and you will be there to make sure they can all get on and have an easy transition

Running Hard Wire Lines for Clients

If you have a client that has purchased hard wire lines, is because they want a more stable connection and want noting to drop. A side note to know, Our WiFi routers can push out the same speed as a hard line, but people still do prefer a hardline or sometimes they have devices that can only take a hardline. You will need to find out what wire is going where. Usually they will tell you it will go to a Check In desk for their clients or works. Who is their speakers you have to see to make sure their laptop has a good connection for their presentation.

Finding the Key Players for their Event 
You have now got information regarding who is presenting during their event. Now you have to make sure that you will assure the presenter, that you will be there for them when they need you, because who doesn’t like to have insurance that they have everything under control. Sometimes to keep them at bay, you will need to be in the back at the tech table for their show. And you will sometimes have to be there for 30 mins, 15 min before and 15 min after, or it can sometimes be an hour it depends what they need.

When helping  the key players make sure to be happy, energetic , show them our fast efficiency helping attitude, and be confident when you tell them their show will be taken care of and not to worry about the internet aspect of the show.

Bringing Everything Together