Frequently Asked Questions

Brady Fisher

Brady Fisher

Director of Operations


Published August 04, 2020

When you are first working with a new client they will most likely have many questions. The Apple TV service we provide is unique and creates the opportunity for an abundance of questions. Below we have some of the most common questions that are asked by our customers and prospective clients. 

What does Apple TV do that you can't do on hotel TV

That’s a big question! It brings fully native support for the biggest names in streaming and gaming to hospitality, student accommodation, and private healthcare, in glorious 4K HDR. Whilst others can offer optional Chromecast for screen casting, we deliver the full Apple App store experience to guests giving them access to everything they desire, leaving your mobile for what it should be used for. We also bring Apple’s exclusive content via TV Plus. And the new Apple Arcade service too. And yes, we can still deliver the local hotel IPTV channels too!

What issue does Apple TV address

Guests are tired of hotel “SMART” TV experiences that don’t match the intuitive and immersive experience that they enjoy at home. As more and more streaming services come online the expectations of guests will shift.

We want to allow guests to pick-up their favourite binge worthy box set, enjoy live premium sports events or find international content to make their hotel room feel like their living room.

Aside from entertainment, what can the platform offer

Maximising the use of rich, hi-resolution photography, video content, and audio to better engage your guests with hotel information, services, and experiences via the largest screen in the room.

Fully digital and simple to update, means a greener and more effective hotel directory too. You can even order room service, book your spa treatment, and much more.

Overlaying a clean modern, easy to use hotel experience that’s also fully remotely managed onto the most flexible and dynamic consumer entertainment platform was our core mission.

Can guests using Android get the same experience

Absolutely, all the services are available to anyone that can sign into their streaming media accounts. The mobile device does not play a role in using the system, The only difference is that an Android user will not be able to download their own apps onto the Apple TV. However, if they have an Apple ID (which they probably do), then they can easily take advantage of these features too!

How do Hotels offer the widest range of on-demand content for guests of all nationalities

Easy, make sure your TV platform has the largest and most quality focused App Store out there! Gaming, lifestyle, fitness, meditation, music, travel, podcasts and the best selection of 4K movies and TV shows on any platform. Apple’s tvOS is ready for tomorrows major content providers… today!

What does "Beyond Casting" mean

The vast majority of consumers enjoy on-demand content rather than linear (live)TV at home, but very few of them ‘Cast’ or ’Share’ this content to their main television screen from a mobile device. Most will simply select their favourite SMART TV App and start watching. No need to join a special WiFi network enter a long password or scan QR codes or worry if your favourite App supports casting… Just click and enjoy. Why should a hotel experience be any more complex than that?

Does ROOMNET offer flexibility for the future

Technology only ever moves forward, so providing typical TV solutions that can’t easily evolve with the changing tastes of consumers is not something ROOMNET have ever entertained. Luckily those very clever people at Apple make upgrading an Apple TV as simple and cost effective as updating your iPhone. Every year this class leading entertainment platform takes another huge leap forward…. Did we mention upgrades are free?

Do Apple and ROOMNET work closely together

Very. As a certified Apple MPP (Mobility Partner Program) in the hospitality vertical we enjoy a unique and privileged partnership with both the Apple TV product teams and their dedicated hospitality sales, support, and engineering teams.

A hotel TV should still behave like an actual TV right?

Absolutely. Combining a wide selection of local, international, sports, news and hotel specific TV channels is the very core (pun intended) of our Apple TV solution. Whether your TV content arrives via data cable or a trusty coax cable, we can seamlessly blend linear TV with the very best of today’s OTT (streaming) content, all wrapped up in your properties very own branding and backed up by our lovely 24/7/365 remote global support team.

Aside from a stellar entertainment experience, how can Apple TV actually add value to hoteliers?

Adding a fully featured yet modular hotel App was critical. Allowing hotels to only display and pay for features that are relevant at a ‘per property’ level adds flexibility and value. Spa bookings, table reservations, housekeeping and in-room dining requests are great if your property offers such services, but if you only have a handful of short videos to present to your guests, that should be an option too. We’re delighted to see properties enjoying substantial in-room dining sales increases via the solution. Updates to your content require a few simple clicks via the web management portal, which also contains a full analytical dashboard making reviewing that data on the fly effortless.

'The streaming wars' sounds scary but what does it mean?

2020 will be a busy year for the content streaming giants. With new subscription services due from Apple, Disney, AT&T, & Comcast. More than 50 streaming television services have launched or will launch in the year ahead, according to Mobilocity analyst Gerry Purdy.

For consumers this will represent a larger choice of personalised content globally than ever before. Guests will expect to enjoy these services within their hotel rooms, we think most would prefer to enjoy this content on your lovely big screen, like they do at home, picking up their favourite shows and content where they left-off, with as little faff as possible.

With consumers happily subscribing to the plethora of streaming services now available, the question for the hospitality market is more likely to be centered around offering guests easy access to as many of these services as possible, whilst having the flexibility to adapt to any future trends and services. We’re ready for the streaming wars, are you?

How easy is it to install?

It’s super simple, we have spent a great deal of effort to make the process as frictionless as possible. We preconfigure the entire solution before being shipped. All devices are enrolled on our mobile device management platform, allowing us to manage the devices from our operation centres. Our installation teams need just a few minutes in each room to install the Apple TV and connect the cables and we are good to go. If the client has an existing IPTV Set Top Box, we literally pull theirs out and install the Apple TV in its place.

What is the future of hotel TV?

The usage of hotel TV’s has dropped significantly, due to a lack of engaging content and poorly developed products. We believe that ROOMNET are at the forefront of bringing value back to the TV by leveraging the power of the world’s largest technology and content providers, delivering a seamless home from home experience. We are excited by the potential to deliver to the needs of the worlds leading hotel and accommodation companies. This is the dawn of a new era in guest engagement and entertainment!