Hudini Support Services

Brady Fisher

Brady Fisher

Director of Operations

Below are the support channels that Hudini has requested we use. Ther is also the Whatapp channel that we can reach them on for quicker and smaller things.

Support Timing: Monday to Friday during US (EST) / India business hours and Sunday to Thursday UAE business hours.

Email Support:-

An email will be delivered to an available shift Engineer. The Support Engineer will create a ticket on the support portal on behalf of the customer / Partner. This helps to track the issues.

Support Portal:-

Registered Partners / Customers can log in to Hudini support portal and create tickets. The support Engineer will validate the ticket and based on the priority Engineer will respond/fix the issues.

24 / 7 Support for Severity 1 and 2 issues

US Toll-Free Number:- For emergency and immediate support please contact our 24/7 support number +1-888-847-8071. The agent will create a ticket on behalf of the customer / Partner.

Hudini Escalation Matrix


Name Email Phone
1st Escalation Level Sarath Kumar +91 9686628426
2nd Escalation Level Arun Ramachandran +91 8904758088
3rd Escalation Level Raj Achu +91 9845075981
Level 1

Critical severity with major business impact.

Situation where the Hudini Software is totally unusable for any purpose or a critical component of the service is unavailable, excluding third party vendor applications and services.

Level 2

High impact with significant business impact.

Situations where important areas of functionality are unavailable and where the remainder of the system is unaffected but there is no acceptable workaround e.g. service not available or not performing to the optimum standard. Excluding third-party vendor applications and services.

Level 3

Medium severity with some business impact.

A situation where important system features and functionality are unavailable but a workaround is achievable; or less significant features are unavailable but with no reasonable workaround e.g. Minor database function unavailable OR application function