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Eddie Orellana

Eddie Orellana

Network Engineer

Making a Sale at Hyatt HHB

Published April 14, 2020

For ROOMNET, The Hyatt Huntington Beach Property is its own creature.  Here we have our very own office where we manage various aspects of the hotel. We respond to HSIA Support Calls, Guest room IT Support, Engineering, and Sales. We pride ourselves on fast support and great customer service.

Sales is a major portion of our residence at the Hotel, and what do we sell you might ask? What is our product? Aside from our good looks, our product is our “High-Speed Internet” and who do we sell too? Event groups.

The Hyatt Huntington Beach property is known for its groups and conferences they host year-round. Groups such as AIM, VANS, APPLE, Kaiser, and many others. These groups have one thing in common, they all need the internet to run their conference. It is our job at ROOMNET to fulfill these requests and needs from our clients and make their event run smoothly.

In order to prepare ourselves, we’ll need a couple of tools: The Price Sheet, ESO Dashboard, Access Code Dashboard, Envision and access to the Shared Local drive. I’ll discuss these tools as we go through the steps.

The Search for Leads

The leads we get are the conference events or groups that the HYATT has already confirmed for themselves. When searching for our leads we like to stay three months ahead of schedule. By doing so, this allows us to plan for staffing needs, equipment requirements, and overall network readiness. In order for us to acquire our leads, we’ll need to access a tool called Envision. Envision is a web-based program that houses all of the Hyatt events.

To use Envision :

• Navigate to the Bookings

• Bookings Search

• Under Status only select Actual, Lead and Definite

• Arrival date, use dates to cover a months’ time, for example, 07/01/2020 – 07/31/2020

• Click Search.

After completing those steps, your leads will be listed below.

The next step is to look through the list and pull the groups we need to reach out too.

• Click on possible leads link

• Click on the Print icon on the right

• Download as PDF (the document you’re downloading is known as a Resume)


You’ll need to navigate to the “ROOMNET internal Secure Shared Drive”. This drive was developed to house all internal documentation such as sales leads, price sheets, resumes, and past files. Here we are going to save our new resume and make a new folder for it.

Saving Resume to Shared Drive

Continuing off from our last section, we need to save our new resume (lead) to the shared drive and create a new file for the group if not already made by Office Manager.

• Navigate to file “Resumes and GDRs”

• File with your appropriate year “i.e. 2020”

• File with your appropriate Month “i.e” .4 April”

• Save your Resume


Now do the same for the rest of the list in Envision. Make user you place yourself and your team three months ahead of schedule. This will help plan ahead for any staffing, equipment, engineering, and network readiness needs.

(Starting 2021 a new folder section for weddings will be created in the Shared Drive)

Examine the Resume and Reach out

Before we introduce ourselves to the group we first need to examine the resume and get a game plan. The resume will have all the information you need such as contact information and concession information. A concession is a pre-negotiated term that the Hyatt has made with a group such as AV and internet discounts.

When you open up the resume, the first thing you will see is the contact information of the group. This information is important as you’ll need this in order to fill out your “E.S.O Proposal” and to contact the group. What we are looking for at this moment however is any concessions the Hyatt might have already negotiated.

To make the search easier we will use the (Ctrl+F) feature. Start by searching for keywords like the Internet, Roomnet, and HSIA. These should bring you the best results.

Depending on the concessions you find you’ll be able to make your game plan for the group. Some of the concessions you should expect to find are 20% discounts, Full Complimentary Internet Service, number of days of service and so on. Knowing this will also help you decide which sales package to sell to the groups.

You are now ready to reach out to the group with all the information you have located. You may send an email explaining who you are and what your role is. Don’t forget to mention the concessions you found, (ie, ” I’ve also taken note of the 20% discount granted by the Hyatt, this discount will be applied at the end of your proposal” ).

Sample Reach Out Email

Hi [First, Last Name]

Let me introduce myself, my name is [Sales Persons Name ] and I am an Internet Engineer working for ROOMNET. We are the internet service provider for the Hyatt Huntington Beach.
I wanted to reach out to you and ask if you’ll be in need of any “Meeting Space Internet Access” for your upcoming event with us.

To help us put together an attack plan, I’ve attached our updated pricing scale and some additional information to give you a ballpark idea of costs and will be happy to draw up a customized proposal as soon as I hear back from you about your requirements (number of devices, rooms, days, etc…)

I’ve also taken note of the 20% discount granted by the Hyatt, this discount will be applied at the end of your proposal

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 714-271-9524.

We look forward to working with you!

As the last part of the reach of our email, you need to attach 2 files. the “Price Sheet and the additional information”, The price sheet will help the group decide which plan best fits their needs. You will want to assist them with that decision and explain what each package means and includes (ie. Hardlines, WIreless, service fee, etc). The “Additional Information” is a user assist information gathered though out the years, (ie. once a device has logged into the network we can not free release it to make room for another device, you’ll need to purchase additional space”).

Current Price Sheet

Updated Price Sheet (2021 edition)

Additional Information Sheet

Creating Your Proposal

By now you should have received a reply from your group and gathered the information needed for your sale. You should have also verified with your group their Custom Network Name (SSID) and Access Code. To learn how to make a custom network click here to read the article by Jose Durate.

You have finally reached the point where you can now create a tentative proposal for your group. Open the ESO Dashboard Site that your site manager should have provided and the Groups Resume File.

To fill out the ESO, locate the contact information from the resume, and fill out the ESO. Once you have completed the ESO, save it in its appropriate files located in the shared drive. The steps are similar to Saving Resume to the Shared Drive.

Once the site manager approves your tentative proposal you may forward this to your group as an attachment. If all goes well and the group accepts your estimations they will have to reply to you with the attachment signed. This is the final step to get the sale finalized.

CONGRATULATIONS!! you have completed your first sale for the Hyatt HHB and for ROOMNET. Your next step is to get your network ready for the group, double-check your equipment inventory, and get your documents ready for submitting.

To finalize your sale you’ll need to close out your proposal and upload your sale to Opera which I’ll cover in another article.